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I am sometimes asked how I got into instruction. Back in 1992, I held a job as a Contracts Administrator for a well-known Norwegian oil company, and I was up at a construction yard in mid-Norway. As part of my job, I had to find courses for our team: fly tying, knife-making etc. I had been to a fly casting instruction course, and I quickly found out that the "instructors" couldn't communicate what they knew, and also because of the large numbers of participants on the course, they were unable to correct mistakes!  I am a registered instructor with AAPGAI (Association of Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructors) and with the FFF (Federation of Fly Fishers).

The main demand is for fly-casting instruction, either with a single-handed rod or a double hander. I use both long lines and shooting heads on double-hander rods, and so I can instruct you to cast and fish with either. (Spey cast or Underhand Cast.)

As I am an “independent” instructor, i.e., not linked to a distributor or tackle sales, my instruction is tailor-made. The potential customer tells me what they want to achieve, the number of hours that they would like to spend, and I prepare. I look at what you can do already, and go from there. 

Most of my instruction is 1-1 or 1-2 (possibly 3 anglers depending on location). I am focused on customer satisfaction and on the customer receiving as much value and instruction as is desired. Prior to the season, I generally prefer not to take groups larger than 3 anglers if the objective is serious instruction; I believe that a greater number compromises the quality of the instruction. Sometimes this may involve repeat visits, after practicing newly-acquired casting skills and fundamental principles. Other anglers want a combined casting and fishing experience, and I will construct a package to your specification. Note: In the season, the fishing is generally public with the exception of 2 private zones. I will not give instruction in a location where this conflicts with the interests of other anglers who have paid to fish. 

I have taught pupils from well over 25 countries, from the age of 7 to 75, and with a variety of backgrounds. 

As I mentioned, the fact that I live by one of Norway's more prolific salmon rivers means that customers are mainly interested in salmon casting/fishing, but this also involves single handed casting skills that can be used for trout fishing. 

I have also been involved in corporate arrangements at other locations and in team-buildings. Contact me to discuss your wishes and to obtain a fixed price.