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The "other side" - reflections in May 2017   

Following the downsizing that has hit the oil/gas industry in Norway, and particularly my previous employer, I am now "looking for new challenges", preferably as a trainer / intercultural adviser and possibly on a free-lance basis. Among the seminars/courses that I designed/delivered as an in-house trainer were the following:

  • Intercultural communication and awareness, including for in-house management courses (in English)
  • Presentation skills - including for trainers (both in Norwegian and English)
  • Effective meetings
  • HSE repetition courses for engineers (in Norwegian)
  • HSE - My Responsibility (2+ hour interactive seminar for diverse working environment) (In Norwegian and in English)

If interested, contact me to discuss the possibility of a tailor-made seminar/workshop or course.

In addition, I have significant experience in translation from Norwegian to English, specifically business and project-related translation.